Imaging the world famous square Il Campo in the Italian town of Siena as frame for a big corporate party. Photographed, printed and installed in size 1:1 and in a quality so it could be experienced up close.

That was the challenge from one of MCH’s customers, and local advertising agency “SunAdvertising” was quick to realize that this project might very well end up as the biggest digital made panorama picture ever.

The project demanded pictures of very high resolution, so during a week the square was digitally photographed by SunAdvertising and a team of specialists. The result was 32 mega files which were stitched to one whopping 57GB picture.

The final size of the picture was 10,15 x 390 meters long. To print a picture that big demands both knowledge and capacity and Ricken printed the big banner amounting almost 4.000 m2 (36.0000 square feet.) The banner was printed on heavy-duty non-woven – a sound absorbing and fire-retardant material – in more than 200 panels each with a length of 10,15 meters.

Finally, the big puzzle was assembled and to make the experience perfect a 2,5 mtr. high wall was installed so the guests did not feel a soft banner but a hard wall if touching it. The illusion was completed by creating an authentic Italian town environment with concrete tiles on the main square, street lightning, signage and decoration by hanging green plants in front of the windows, hanging laundry, a real water fountain and bikes along the house walls. From Siena local restaurant chefs and street artists were flown in to complete the magic experience.

After the event the banner was authenticated by Guinness Book of World Records as the biggest panorama picture in the world.