We are a leading provider of retail display solutions for some of Scandinavia’s best-loved brands.

Ricken deliver experiences that turn shoppers into customers - experiences they share, remember and rave about...

At Ricken, you tap into decades of brand wisdom and experience combined with cutting edge approaches, all brought together by people who enjoy matching wits with a demanding marketplace. The result is innovative solutions that work in the real world.

Ricken provides local, national and international brands with large and super large format visual marketing solutions.

We have an extensive product range including banners, building wraps, printed flooring, light boxes, tension frames, photo wallpapers, P.O.S, flags, billboards, hoardings, crowd-barrier covers and so much more.

Whatever the size of a project, from major roll-outs to small, tactical short-term campaigns, we believe that building strong relationships with every one of our clients is the key to excelling in every specific case.