UV-Offset Printing

Printing on foil and plastics with UV-offset technology

Rickens capabilities also include UV-printing on plastics for even more durable, versatile, waterproof and fade resistant promotional items.

Our many years of experience within UV printing on plastic substrates and further processing, made possible by the versatility of this material, allow us to offer a complete and varied range of high quality products made specifically for P.O.P purpose.

Short- and longterm P.O.P items include, stickers, counter-mats, display toppers, floor graphic, menu strips, shelf rail strips, wobblers, table tents, lightbox motives and more.

Sunlight / UV resistant
Approved for toys by EU regulations
UV is environmentally-friendly printing
Grease resistant
Chemical resistant
Tear resistant and 100% water proof
Lifetime up to 10 years