The Danish town Silkeborg (Silk Castle) dates back more than 600 years and was named after the castle that was once located there. During the 17th century the castle lost its importance and was finally torn down in 1767 – exactly 250 years ago.

As a 250 years celebration to the place that gave Silkeborg its name a recreation of the castle was planned for the summer of 2017.

Ricken was chosen to manufacture the full-size model of the castle. More than 1.800 m2 of PVC-mesh banner was printed and tiled in different shapes and sizes and with individual finish on each banner so it could be safely attached to the complex framework made of metal tubes. All the banners were printed on PVC mesh to keep the weight down and allow air flow through the installation.

As the castle was a “surprise” for the yearly festival “ildfestregattaen” a short timeframe for the installation was important and the castle was installed in only 7 days.

The historical project turned out to be a big success with many visitors and interests from the media.